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  • Synlab Ghana Services

    Synlab Ghana formerly Medlab is ISO 15189:2012 accredited in all our departments. The accreditation is specific to the tests we perform on specified analysers. The vast majority of our tests are done in house. Less than 5% of our tests are referred to ISO/CAP accredited laboratories in Europe and South Africa.



    The haematology Department at Synlab Ghana, formerly Medlab performs and interprets a wide range of tests relating to the cellular components of blood. Tests performed in this unit are those for the diagnosis of blood disorders such as anaemia, abnormal coagulation, blood malignancies such as leukaemia, myelomas etc. we use automated analysers and experienced biomedical scientists for these tests. Our highly skilled staff add value to our tests by also performing microscopy of the blood samples. In addition they screen for blood borne parasites such as Malaria and Filaria. Our highly experienced consultant haematologist offers expert interpretation by reviewing their test results in collaboration with the treating physician.

    The department is also responsible for performing Total CD4/CD8 analysis, Haemoglobin Electrophoresis and Blood Grouping.

  • Clinical Chemistry

    The clinical chemistry department processes specimens on a Beckman AU 480 automated analyser which allows the monitoring of the level of chemical components in blood, urine and other body fluids such CSF. Clinical chemistry allows the assessment of the functions of different organs such as the kidney, liver, heart and pancreas.

    It provides a comprehensive metabolic profile of the patient at a point in time of Electrolytes, Urea, Creatinine, Blood Glucose, Liver Function Tests etc.

  • Immunoassay, Serology and Immunology Department
    • Immunoassays use state of the art advanced automated technologies to detect and quantify a specific macromolecule of interest in solution-(analyte) by using an antibody reagent that binds to it specifically and selectively in an immunological reaction. This technique is used in a wide variety of applications. These include: hormones, tumour markers, cardiac markers,infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, specific proteins such as ASOT or CRP, therapeutic drugs such as digoxin or phenytoin.
    • Serology means the detection of antibody to a particular antigen. Examples are Widal,RPR, TPHA, Chlamydia.
    • Immunology looks at auto immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and its follow up. Our well trained and highly skilled biomedical scientist perform and interpret these test results for our satisfied clients.
  • Microbiology and Parasitology
    The Microbiology and Parasitology department offers a comprehensive range of tests. Our department is highly regarded. The activity of the Laboratory can be broadly divided into four categories.
    Microscopy for the detection of bacterial, fungal elements, parasites and a variety of cells associated with diseases. Different staining techniques are available depending on the application.
    Culture of bacterial or fungi on a variety of media and subsequent identification of these organisms.
    Performance of susceptibility testing according to CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute) criteria.
    Mycobacterium microscopy, Culture and Sensitivities are done at the reference laboratory.
  • Andrology

    Andrology, this encompasses:

    • Routine Semen Analysis - made up of macroscopic, microscopic, sperm count, sperm motility,sperm vitality and Morphology tests. The latter is reviewed Consultant Haematologist.
    • Leucocyte Estrase test - for the presence of white blood cells in semen.
    • MAR (mixed agglutination reaction) test- for antisperm antibodies, can be requested.
  • Histology and Cytology

    We refer core biopsies, surgical specimens for histological examination to highly specialised Consultant Pathologists. We also refer all types of biological fluids, fine needle aspirates and Pap tests for cytology.

    These Pathologists use a broad range of specialised techniques in addition to the routine descriptive morphological examination. These are not available in Ghana. The techniques consist of special stains, enzymatic histochemistry and immunohistochemical stains that detect the expression of several antigens on the tissue for example ER, PR and HER-2 and others.

    These aid in the diagnosis of the disease but also provide prognostic and therapeutic indicators .

  • Molecular Pathology or PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

    This is the future of laboratory medicine which will impact on the practice of Clinical Medicine in the future.  Genetic material DNA, RNA is analysed to identify the presence of an infectious agent eg. Hepatitis B or C, HIV,  HPV, TB or tumours such as leukaemia, lymphoma  myeloma,etc. We  are proud to be pioneers in this field in Ghana.

    Medlab operates a central laboratory in Accra and regional laboratories in Kumasi and Takoradi. We pride ourselves on customer service. Our network of branches provides courteous, comfortable and convenient patient care.