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Synlab Ghana formerly Medlab Accreditation

SYNLAB Ghana formerly Medlab has  adopted the approach of total quality management  in order to offer the highest quality and consistency of services to our clients.

ISO-15189 is the highest standard  defined for medical laboratories by the International Standards Organisation.

Accreditation to ISO-15189 requires medical laboratories to successfully pass a rigorous examination of quality systems and procedures conducted by a recognised accreditation agency.

 We had our accreditation renewed in 2012 for another four year cycle. We have had our new audit in 2016 by DAkkS, a German Accreditation Body and our accreditation has been renewed for the next cycle.

Synlab Ghana has an internal quality control program but also participates in international proficiency testing programs, which compare unknown sample test results with those of international laboratories. This is done for every test that we run in the laboratory. Based on our results, after processing the samples and posting the results, we are ranked amongst the best laboratories in the world.

Synlab Ghana prides itself on its customer service. We ensure that our clients are received courteously, in a comfortable safe environment and their confidentiality respected. Reliable results are delivered in a timely fashion to enable their clinicians to make life saving decisions.

Feedback which is one of our quality indicators is always welcomed and appreciated.